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CAES Strategic Plan 2020: Committee Resources

Wimba Sessions

Wimba Session Archives

Archives of CAES Strategic Planning Wimba sessions will be posted here as they become available.

Kick-Off Session – Dean Scott Angle and Dean Bobby Moser
Name: CAES Strategic Planning - 10/31/2011

Kick-Off Session – Provost Jere Morehead
Name: CAES Strategic Planning - 10/31/2011

Dean's Wimba Session — Dean Scott Angle
Name: CAES Dean - 12/15/2011
Slide show presentation: CAES Strategic Planning 2020 (ppt)

Roll Out of the 2020 CAES Strategic Plan — Dean Scott Angle, Dr. Laura Perry Johnson and Dr. Jean Bertrand
Name: CAES Strategic Planning - 08/28/2012
Slide show presentation: 2020 Strategic Plan Presentation (pptx)



Wimba Guest Room - Login Instructions for Participants

Quick link:

At least 15 minutes before start time, plug-in your headset/microphone and select the quick link to access the Wimba room. Enter your first_last name in the Participant box; if prompted run the Wimba Setup Wizard.

If you are unable to use the quick link, you can still login by following these instructions:

  1. Plug-in your computer headset/microphone
  2. Visit
  3. Select "Participant Login"
  4. Enter your First_Lastname in the top login box
  5. If prompted, run the Setup Wizard
  6. SCROLL DOWN THE LIST and select the room name for this session:
    CAES Strategic Planning
    *Room may be silent until Presenter arrives*

Technical Support:
If you need assistance with Wimba or the Setup Wizard please call the EITS Help Desk at (706) 542-3106.