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CAES Strategic Plan 2020

Action Teams

Guiding Principles for Action Teams

Action items were determined by extensive review of the data and the SP Committee feels strongly that they are important. Action Teams should think seriously before changing or deleting the action steps listed in the plan.

Action items to achieve the strategies are not all inclusive. The SP Committee fully expects the Action Teams to add additional actions.

Benchmarks or indicators/measures of success should be developed for each strategy.

When clarification is needed, Action Teams should refer to the original data collected.

Each Action Team should determine a timeline and strive to select some actions that can be achieved quickly to show immediate impact and success. Other actions may take years to complete after the framework is developed.

Action Teams have flexibility in how they carry out the task assigned. They may split into smaller groups or teams to work on different issues or actions.

NOTE: Each Action Team will have Co-Leaders — one from the SP Committee and one not.