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CAES Strategic Plan 2020

Planning Process

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences embarked on its 2020 Strategic Planning Process in October 2011. Below is information from the original plan published in August, 2012:

Phase 1: Data Collection and Analysis

The CAES strategic planning committee implemented a comprehensive plan to gather data from faculty, staff, students, alumni, stakeholders and key decision makers at the university, in the agricultural industry and in state government. In addition to meetings held on the Athens campus, regional meetings were held in Tifton, Griffin, Acworth, Lyons, Gainesville and at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.

Phase 2: Action Teams

Action Teams were formed for each of the seven goals identified in Phase 1 during October, 2012. The action teams collected resource materials, refined the strategies and action items for each goal, and identified baselines and benchmarks.