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CAES Strategic Plan 2020

A Message from CAES Dean and Director J. Scott Angle

August 2012 — The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is at an important crossroads. Like so many other organizations, the impact of the economic downturn forced us to make drastic changes in our structure, facilities and operations. We are a much smaller organization today than we were just three years ago. Where we choose to go from here will determine how our college grows and develops for the next decade.

To provide us with a progressive roadmap to a prosperous future, we embarked on a strategic planning process in October 2011. We marked our starting point for our long-range journey by seeking input and ideas from across the college, campus and the state. This grassroots process allowed us to hear what our stakeholders need and plan how we might best meet those needs with our current available resources.

It was an independent process designed and driven by the appointed committee. We extend our appreciation to Jean Bertrand and Laura Perry Johnson for leading the process and to the committee members who gave so much of their time to ensure we have a clear and actionable plan. Most importantly, we are grateful to all of our employees and stakeholders who participated and provided input into the process.

We don't intend for this plan to suffer the fate of many strategic plans that often get derailed or parked on a shelf. We intend to truly use this plan to steer future decisions, set priorities, make structural adjustments and direct growth within our college.

As we launch this plan, we value the time and ideas so many contributed to help us arrive at this point. We now have a clear path to what lies ahead. We need your continued support and guidance to stay on track and to make strategic adjustments along the way.

Welcome to the journey.

J. Scott Angle
Dean and Director
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences