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CAES Strategic Plan 2020

Trends and Factors of Influence

The following trends and factors will influence the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and society in the future:

  • Changing demographics and increased urbanization of Georgia, the nation, and the world
  • Decreasing federal and state budgets, decreasing student funding (HOPE, graduate assistantships), and increasing reliance on funding from private sources
  • Increasing environmental issues and public concern over environmental issues and resource management
  • Growing use of technology by students, clients and employees; the spread of social media; and the fast pace of changing technology in research and communications
  • Increasing interest in local, sustainable, and organic agriculture and the public's increased interest in food
  • Continued global population growth, resource shortages, and the substantial increase in demand for food
  • Economic globalization and the internationalization of research and education
  • Society's misconceptions of agriculture and decreased appreciation for the value of agriculture to society
  • Increasing health-related issues (obesity, nutrition, diet, food safety, etc.)
  • Increasing agricultural inputs (fuel, labor, land, etc.) and increasing competition for the resources essential for the production of food and fiber
  • Decreasing number of CAES employees
  • Greater need for job-ready, highly trained graduates
  • Increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary/multi-investigator research teams
  • Increasing demand for interdepartmental collaboration and employees