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CAES Strategic Plan 2020: Strengthening Goals


Goal 4CAES will have strong, well-supported, and balanced basic and applied research programs


Strategy A.

Each department will have a core of nationally prominent research faculty contributing to relevant focus areas

  1. Establish four CAES Endowed Chair positions in the focus areas of:
    • Food, health, and wellness
    • Breeding and genetics
    • Environmental stewardship
    • Sustainable food production
  2. Develop a coordinated plan to seek funding for these positions.
Strategy B.

Foster collaborative relationships between basic and applied scientists

  1. Develop a seed grant program as an incentive for establishing integrated teams around the focus areas.
  2. Establish and maintain a CAES Research website and database search engine that complements and does not duplicate various departmental resources to improve communication across departments and units.
  3. Begin a College Research Symposium/Research Fair program that would bring together scientists on a biennial basis to share research information.
  4. Establish a new faculty orientation program that will help basic and applied researchers communicate from the time they first arrive at UGA.
  5. Emphasize the need to hire, train and develop faculty that embrace collaboration between basic and applied research.
    a. Department heads should be required to justify how new hires will be expected to collaborate with scientists in other disciplines, departments, and across basic and applied areas when requesting to fill a position.
    b. Departments should be encouraged to make this goal a priority in the training, mentoring, and evaluation of faculty.

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