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CAES Strategic Plan 2020: Strengthening Goals

College Focus Areas

Goal 3CAES will address the focus areas of:

  1. Food, health and wellness,
  2. Breeding and genetics (plants and animals),
  3. Environmental stewardship, and
  4. Sustainable food production systems through interdisciplinary teaching, research, and Extension programs that are timely and relevant to the citizens of Georgia, the nation, and the world


Strategy A.

CAES will develop an organizational framework centered on these focus areas

  1. Proposed organizational structure for a CAES-led network for teaching, research, and Extension centered on four focus areas:
    Focus Area Organizational Chart

  2. Identify administrative requirements for implementation and to ensure feasibility.
    a. Assign credit and award student credit hours across departments when courses are team-taught.
    b. Identify pros and cons of creating an Institute of Sustainable Food Systems.
  3. Communicate organizational plans to internal and external CAES stakeholders.
Strategy B.

Maintain framework with financial and staff support

Strategy C.

Faculty needs

  1. Hire new faculty to include endowed faculty/chairs.
  2. Prioritize new faculty hires that satisfy needs of more than one department, reducing duplication of expertise and encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary teaching (e.g., expertise in genetics and genomics was desired by more than one department).
  3. Prioritize new faculty hires that are needed to elevate or maintain CAES programs in the Top 5 ranking (Plant Breeding and Genetics; Food Science and Center for Food Safety; etc.).
Strategy D.

Fuel faculty participation by establishing an internal funding mechanism to support interdisciplinary research for both basic and integrative projects and Extension programs within each focus area

Strategy E.

Establish a system for collecting programmatic evaluations of structure, progress, and relevance of the focus areas and interdisciplinary network

Strategy F.

Conduct a periodic review of evaluation data and communicate progress to the CAES community

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