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Welcome to the central source of information on "Extension for a Changing Georgia: Delivering Excellence — A Review of Extension Delivery."

We appreciate your interest in following the process! We have reached a major benchmark. The Extension delivery review culminated with analysis of input from participants at the Statewide Extension Professionals Conference in January. As a result several major issues were identified.

We are currently in the process of addressing each of these issues, developing recommendations, and making decisions as appropriate. To find the current status, as well as the contact person for each issue or sub-issue, click on Progress Reports below. We will update developments as needed.

From the beginning, this has been an open process. I encourage you to monitor progress of the organization. Bookmark this site for easy access, and check it periodically. Your comments and questions are welcomed — just link to the email address below.

We look forward to continuing the great heritage of Georgia Extension while preparing for a strong future.


Want to know what's happening now with the Extension Delivery Review?
To review decisions, actions, and progress being made toward each issue, click here.


We welcome your input at any time as the process continues.
If you have any questions or comments, please send to: astdext@uga.edu.


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